Friday, 9 June 2017

Top Products for the Summer

Top Products for the Summer
With summer on the horizon we’re recommending out top garden machinery that can help keep your garden in tip-top shape for those summer barbecues.
1)      Lawn Mower:
A good lawn mower is a must. We recommend the Mountfield S421R as a brilliant all-rounder. This hand propelled rear roller rotary mower is ideal to mow any small to medium sized lawn. The rear roller enables you to deliver a superb, striped finish and has a deck wash link for easy cleaning after use. It’s powered by an easy start 100cc Mountfield RSC OJC 4-stroke engine which enables the mower to be effortless to use and cuts right up to the paths and border edges. 5 heights of cut ranging from 20mm to 70mm selected using a lever ensure you can pick the most suitable for the finish required. The 55 litre collector is easy to attach and has an indicator to show when it needs emptying. The S421R has a 41cm or 16inch cutting width ensuring cutting the lawn won’t take all day.

2)      Hedge Trimmers:
If you have any hedges or trees you’re going to need a good set of hedge trimmers to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. We recommend the Tanaka TCH22EAP2 (50) Petrol Double Sided Hedge Cutter which comes with a free mixing bottle and 1litre of 2 stroke oil. This lightweight and versatile model has been equipped with a 22xx Tanaka Pure Fire motor; an advanced two-stroke unit that delivers its ample power (0.87hp) with reduced emissions and lower fuel costs when compared to similar powered engines. It boasts a 50cm double sided, duel reciprocating blades that will enable you to cover a substantial hedge in quick time. A tooth pitch of 30mm means you’ll be able to trim thick, woody growth without fear of the twisting and chewing that can lead to damage of the hedge, whilst a 180° quick-twist rear-handle makes it possible to achieve the optimum angle of attack and also facilitates comfortable left-handed operation.

Key Features include
-          A superior petrol hedge trimmer for domestic and lighter-duty commercial use
-          PureFire engine delivers a cut in emissions without compromising power output
-          S-start technology for smooth, low-effort pull starts
-          Front positioned exhaust directs gases and heat well away from the operator

3)      Strimmer’s:
If you have any borders, paths or trees you might need a grass trimmer or strimmer to cut the awkward sections of grass and shrubbery your lawnmower struggles to access. They are also important to creating a neat edge to a lawn. When buying a trimmer, there are a few things to consider; first, the size of your lawn affects what cutting width you require. Secondly, how to power your strimmer; either electric, battery (cordless) or petrol depending on the power you require, the weight you want your strimmer to be and if you mind having a cable or not. Tanakas TCG22EAB 22cc Bent Shaft Petrol Strimmer is perfect to meet all your garden needs. It’s light and easy to use and the 22cc engine ensures you can make easy work of any jobs around the garden. Having a bent shaft means you are closer to the work you are doing and have more control for trimming borders.

Key Features include
-          Low weight and compact design
-          Well-balanced and comfortable to use
-          Reliable, low emission 2-stroek Tanaka engine
-          Comfortable loop handle for firm control

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Choose the correct Lawnmower for your Lawn

Choosing the right type of lawnmower for your garden can be a difficult decision, but our guide will help you find the right mower to keep your grass looking great.

The key factors you need to consider are the quality of the cut you wish to achieve, your lawn size and accessibility.

Rotary Lawnmowers

Rotary lawnmowers work by spinning a blade to cut the grass. They are generally heavier, but provide more power and are a good choice for larger lawns as well as long and overgrown grass.

If you want to get the job done quickly, with minimal fuss a self propelled 4-wheeled rotary lawn mower will be your best bet. With good manoeuvrability, 4-wheeled mowers produce a neat and tidy finish to your lawn.

They are the most common type of garden mower meaning there is a large variety of models to choose from. Rotary mowers can come with a rear roller, which leaves the stripe effect you may have seen on football pitches.

Electric Lawnmowers

Electric lawnmowers are lighter than petrol mowers and cheaper to run. They’re not as powerful, making them suitable for small to medium sized lawns.

Most models plug into your mains, so you will need either an extension lead or an outside power source to power the machine. Some have an inbuilt battery, so no need for cables but you will need to ensure they carry enough charge to finish the job.

Petrol Lawnmowers

Petrol lawnmowers provide you with more power and are therefore more suitable for larger gardens or lawns with longer grass. More power is important as it allows for a good cut and general easier grass mowing although it tends to mean petrol mowers are more expensive.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Standing Up To Winter Wear And Tear - Our Top 3 Petrol Mowers

The new year is here, meaning now is the perfect time to service and test your lawncare equipment. Will your current lawnmower stand up to the months ahead? Or is it time to invest in something new and reliable.

Our range of petrol lawn mowers includes high quality products in a variety of models, designed to provide you with excellent performance and durability. We have selected our top 3 models, each suited for a different gardening task and budget.

Mountfield HW531 PD 53cm Self Propelled Lawnmower
Our Price: £369.00 Including VAT

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For tackling longer grass and larger garden areas, we've selected the Mountfield HW531 PD Lawnmower. Fitted with a powerful mountfield ST55 engine and 60 litre grass collector, enabling you to carry out a thorough cut without having to stop midway. The lawnmower also gives you full control over cutting heights, allowing you to choose from 5 preset options from 25-90mm.

Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 SVAN 48cm Cut

Our Price: £569.00 Including VAT

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For gardening professionals who are seeking the best features and quality, we have selected the Stiga Multiclip Pro 50 SVAN. Fitted with an enviromentally friendly Honda GCV160 OHC engine and durable alluminium wheels, this is another of our products to consider for larger lawn areas. Cutting precision is enabled with the adjustable handle, making it easy to cut close to walls and cover hard to reach areas.

Masport Widecut 800-ST SP Combination Mower 579987

Our Price: £479.00 Including VAT

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The Masport Widecut 800-ST SP Combination Mower provides convenience and efficiency through its wide range of features, making it a reliable product and worthwhile investment. Powered by a 190cc Briggs & Stratton ready start engine and quick cut swing back system to prevent damange while in operation. Your gardening tasks will be made easier with the mower's smart chute feature, allowing you to easily change the position of the clipping discharge from side to rear or even switch to mulching mode.

Avoid an unpleasent suprise when the time comes to service your mower. Invest in high quality equiptment that will maintain performance and endurance the whole year through.

Click here to browse our full range of petrol lawn mowers from brands Mountfield, Stiga, Masport and more.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Get Cashback On Your Old Ride on Mower - December Deals At World Of Mowers

The frosty conditions of December mean that little lawncare needs to be carried out. It is recommended that you keep off the lawn if frost or snow is present to prevent damnage.

Why not take this opportunity consider purchasing new equiptment for 2017? Our wide range of products are designed to give you the best possible performance with a high quality that lasts.

Kick off the new year with a powerful and efficient Ride on Mower and take advantage of our current cashback offer.

How does it work? 

In the drop down menu on the product page you have two options. One option is to buy the product without a part exchange or the second option which deducts the amount for the part exchange. To qualify for part exchange, your old Ride on Mower must be complete, fully functioning or the offer will not be applicable.

Snapper 28" Rear Engine Petrol Ride on Mower E2813523BVE

Our Price: £2,049.00 Including VAT

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For a unique model that delivers excellent performance, opt for the Snapper Rera Engine Mower. Deisgned with a pivoting frame to enable an even cut when mowing and better manouvering during operation. Comfort and control are key when choosing a ride on mower. This mower's quick response steering and comfortable seat will meet these needs perfectly.

Plus £160 Cash Back for your old Ride on Mower

Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider

Our Price: £1,249.00 Including VAT

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If you are planning to carry out regular lawn mowing tasks in the coming year, opt for this Mountfield 827M Compact Lawn Rider. An affordable and easily adaptable option for those looking for a product with multiple functions. With 6 cutting heights and a 66cm cutting width, the tractor can be used for thorough or lighter mowing tasks.

Plus £140 Cash Back for your old Ride on Mower

Mountfield 1530H 33"/84cm Garden Tractor Mower

Our Price: £2,099.00 Including VAT

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Designed with a semi automatic drive, the Mountfield 1530H Garden Tractor gives you full control of speed and movement. Switching between drive and reverse is seamless with the tractor's variable system, meaning gardening tasks can be completed quicker and smoother. A great choice for those who want to save time while getting the job done well.
 Plus £150 Cash Back for your old Ride on Mower

For more information on Ride on Mower Cashback and to browse our full range, click here.

Start the new year with high quality equiptment that will make lawn care tasks of 2017 easier and enjoyable.

Friday, 4 November 2016

No Fuss November Lawncare

Frosty lawns, cold winds, winter is here! The summer months of leisure in the garden have now turned into days spent inside escaping the cold.

At this time of the year, mowing should be kept at a minimum, and our previous tips should have helped you achieve a lawn that requires no additional attention. However there a few things to consider this month...

Continue keeping the lawn clear

We have mentioned this previously, but keeping leaves away really will benefit your lawn this Winter. A build up leaves will encourage garden pests as well as block light and moisture. Moss maintenance is probably not something you want to carry out on a chilly day,

Empty Lawnmower Fuel

When storing your lawnmowers and garden equipment for an extended time, it's important to drain fuel, as it will not keep. Our products are designed to endure all weather conditions, but this simple task will prevent any problems when starting up your mower again.

With these steps in check, you can begin to enjoy a simple pleasure of the Winter season. Log fires.

Maybe you have access to firewood in your own garden, or you may have to transport it from elsewhere. At World Of Mowers, we have a great range of trailers and carts that are ideal for carrying logs and firewood of any size or weight.

SCH GWT415 Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Timber Trailer

Was: £883.20 Our Price: £794.88 Including VAT Save 10%

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Featuring 2 towing attachments, This SCH GWT415 trailer is a great heavy duty option for transporting a high volume of firewood. The hinged tail and side boards can be let down easily for a more open surface. You also have the option to use the standard hand pull handle to manoeuvre the trailer manually, making the product appropriate for any kind of job.  

SCH Balance Cart Trailer BCT

Was: £439.20 Our Price: £395.28 Including VAT Save 10%

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For a more lightweight option, opt for this SCH Balance Cart Trailer. With a carrying  capacity of 500kg, you can still transport a high volume of wood in a single trip. It's lightweight model means that the trailer can be pushed manually with ease, using the convenient handles provided. The trailer is also ideal for working in narrow spaces due to the unique wheel positioning.

Browse our full range of trailers and carts here

Forgetting something? Check out our previous blog posts for all the tips and tricks to keep your lawn healthy all year round. Click here

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Winter is coming - Are you prepared?

Although we are adamant to admit it, Autumn is here. Mowing is now needed less frequently and your gardening tasks should be focused on fertilising, moss control and of course, those forever falling leaves.

We have a great range of versatile products to help you jump in to your autumn lawn care routine and be prepared right up until spring.

Keep the lawn clear of leaves

Not keeping up with leaf removal will result in them rotting and causing damage to your lawn.

At World Of Mowers, we carry a wide range of petrol leaf blowers, available in various sizes and models. This useful piece of equipment will make clearing leaves an easy and effortless task, meaning you will have no excuse to let autumn debris build up.

Tanaka TRB 24EAP Hand Held Petrol Leaf Blower

Was £249.00 Our Price: £199.20 Including VAT Save 20%

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The Tanaka TRB 24EAP leaf blower is the ideal, affordable option for larger jobs. With a high power but low emission engine, you can expect great performance every time. Delivering air speeds up to 170 miles per hour, hard to reach areas will be more accessible. When the job is done, leaves can then be raked into piles for easy clean up.


October is the perfect month for fertilising, preparing you for the harsh winter temperatures and encouraging a healthy lawn for when Spring comes back around. We recommend using a high phosphate autumn fertilizer. And why not make the task easier with a World Of Mowers Sprayer or Spreader?

4MPS/125 SCH Three Point Linkage Mounted Sprayer 125L

Was £979.20  Our Price: £881.28 Including VAT Save 10%

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If you're looking for a towable sprayer, we recommend the 4MPS/125 Three Point Sprayer from SCH. This product is powered from a tractor battery and is ideal for anyone working on agricultural land. With a capacity of 125 litres, you can load the product up with your chosen fertiliser and carry out longer, thorough jobs.

Moss control

You may have noticed patches of Moss showing under trees and bushes. If left untreated, this can hinder drainage of the lawn and encourage weeds. However it's not too late to tackle the problem. Applying a moss treatment will kill the patches of moss, making it easier to remove with a rake. Improving drainage by aerating the lawn will also help keep moss at bay,

GWCS9 SCH Towed Sprayer 180 Litre

Was £938.40 Our Price: £844.56 Including VAT Save 10%

Opt for a towed sprayer when planning to apply moss treatment, we recommend this GWCS9 model from SCH. With an adjustable application nozzle, the sprayer can reach widths of 600mm up to 2100mm, making it ideal for any area size. Spot spraying can also be carried out using the single brass trigger lance supplied. Your lawn will also remain unharmed from wheel marks thanks to the sprayer's wide profile tyres.

Click here to browse our full range of Spreaders and Sprayers and Leaf blowers

Monday, 5 September 2016

Reviving your lawn from Summer wear-and-tear

The summer season is coming to an end, meaning you now have to deal with the aftermath of BBQs and family gatherings on your garden. It is important to take action in September to ensure your lawn has the health to survive the upcoming winter season.

We've put together a few tips and tricks to help take away those winter weather worries.

Maintenance of new lawns: 

If you have kept newly sewn lawns moist and clear of debris during the last month, they should show signs of green and germination. To ensure grass seedlings are properly bedded, a light rolling should be carried out. We have a great range of towable lawn rollers available in a variety of sizes and weights to suit all conditions. Click here to browse the range now 

When the grass has reached 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) it is ready for the first main cut. Your mower blades should be set to at least 2·5 cm (1 inches) high. A simple lawn tidy will encourage the grass to grow thicker. As practiced previously, you should keep the lawn clear and dispose of any clippings or weeds. 

Agri-Fab 45-0267 Poly Push/Tow Roller

Our Price: £179.00 Including VAT

Toadstool elimination: 

You may have spotted a few toadstools popping up on your lawn, this is due to the increased soil moisture that comes with the early autumn months. Although they may not look appealing, they are harmless to the health of your lawn. For prevention you can incorporate a fungicide into watering, however they will disappear within a couple of weeks on their own. A well maintained lawn should not encounter harmful diseases such as fairy rings. 

Improve drainage:

If you have been entertaining the majority of summer, your lawn could be compacted from heavy traffic. This can lead to problems with drainage and result in the spread of moss and puddles on the surface. To improve this, plunge a garden fork into the ground and repeat at 10cm intervals. Or opt for a spiking machine to make the process easier. The holes made in the lawn should then be filled with a free draining material such as a sandy top dressing. This will allow water to flow to less compacted layers below the surface. 

Or why not try a plug aerator? This towable machine removes soil plugs from the surface, proven to be more effective then simple poking holes in the area.   

Agri-Fab 48"Towed Plug Aerator Part No 45-0299

Our Price: £299.00 Including VAT


To give your lawn it's final boost before the season changes, give it a feed using an autumn fertilister. This particular variety is high in phosphates and potassium, which will help strong roots to develop. This final step will ensure that you and your lawn are prepared for the upcoming months and conditions they bring.