Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Winter is coming - Are you prepared?

Although we are adamant to admit it, Autumn is here. Mowing is now needed less frequently and your gardening tasks should be focused on fertilising, moss control and of course, those forever falling leaves.

We have a great range of versatile products to help you jump in to your autumn lawn care routine and be prepared right up until spring.

Keep the lawn clear of leaves

Not keeping up with leaf removal will result in them rotting and causing damage to your lawn.

At World Of Mowers, we carry a wide range of petrol leaf blowers, available in various sizes and models. This useful piece of equipment will make clearing leaves an easy and effortless task, meaning you will have no excuse to let autumn debris build up.

Tanaka TRB 24EAP Hand Held Petrol Leaf Blower

Was £249.00 Our Price: £199.20 Including VAT Save 20%

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The Tanaka TRB 24EAP leaf blower is the ideal, affordable option for larger jobs. With a high power but low emission engine, you can expect great performance every time. Delivering air speeds up to 170 miles per hour, hard to reach areas will be more accessible. When the job is done, leaves can then be raked into piles for easy clean up.


October is the perfect month for fertilising, preparing you for the harsh winter temperatures and encouraging a healthy lawn for when Spring comes back around. We recommend using a high phosphate autumn fertilizer. And why not make the task easier with a World Of Mowers Sprayer or Spreader?

4MPS/125 SCH Three Point Linkage Mounted Sprayer 125L

Was £979.20  Our Price: £881.28 Including VAT Save 10%

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If you're looking for a towable sprayer, we recommend the 4MPS/125 Three Point Sprayer from SCH. This product is powered from a tractor battery and is ideal for anyone working on agricultural land. With a capacity of 125 litres, you can load the product up with your chosen fertiliser and carry out longer, thorough jobs.

Moss control

You may have noticed patches of Moss showing under trees and bushes. If left untreated, this can hinder drainage of the lawn and encourage weeds. However it's not too late to tackle the problem. Applying a moss treatment will kill the patches of moss, making it easier to remove with a rake. Improving drainage by aerating the lawn will also help keep moss at bay,

GWCS9 SCH Towed Sprayer 180 Litre

Was £938.40 Our Price: £844.56 Including VAT Save 10%

Opt for a towed sprayer when planning to apply moss treatment, we recommend this GWCS9 model from SCH. With an adjustable application nozzle, the sprayer can reach widths of 600mm up to 2100mm, making it ideal for any area size. Spot spraying can also be carried out using the single brass trigger lance supplied. Your lawn will also remain unharmed from wheel marks thanks to the sprayer's wide profile tyres.

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Reviving your lawn from Summer wear-and-tear

The summer season is coming to an end, meaning you now have to deal with the aftermath of BBQs and family gatherings on your garden. It is important to take action in September to ensure your lawn has the health to survive the upcoming winter season.

We've put together a few tips and tricks to help take away those winter weather worries.

Maintenance of new lawns: 

If you have kept newly sewn lawns moist and clear of debris during the last month, they should show signs of green and germination. To ensure grass seedlings are properly bedded, a light rolling should be carried out. We have a great range of towable lawn rollers available in a variety of sizes and weights to suit all conditions. Click here to browse the range now 

When the grass has reached 6.5 cm (2.5 inches) it is ready for the first main cut. Your mower blades should be set to at least 2·5 cm (1 inches) high. A simple lawn tidy will encourage the grass to grow thicker. As practiced previously, you should keep the lawn clear and dispose of any clippings or weeds. 

Agri-Fab 45-0267 Poly Push/Tow Roller

Our Price: £179.00 Including VAT

Toadstool elimination: 

You may have spotted a few toadstools popping up on your lawn, this is due to the increased soil moisture that comes with the early autumn months. Although they may not look appealing, they are harmless to the health of your lawn. For prevention you can incorporate a fungicide into watering, however they will disappear within a couple of weeks on their own. A well maintained lawn should not encounter harmful diseases such as fairy rings. 

Improve drainage:

If you have been entertaining the majority of summer, your lawn could be compacted from heavy traffic. This can lead to problems with drainage and result in the spread of moss and puddles on the surface. To improve this, plunge a garden fork into the ground and repeat at 10cm intervals. Or opt for a spiking machine to make the process easier. The holes made in the lawn should then be filled with a free draining material such as a sandy top dressing. This will allow water to flow to less compacted layers below the surface. 

Or why not try a plug aerator? This towable machine removes soil plugs from the surface, proven to be more effective then simple poking holes in the area.   

Agri-Fab 48"Towed Plug Aerator Part No 45-0299

Our Price: £299.00 Including VAT


To give your lawn it's final boost before the season changes, give it a feed using an autumn fertilister. This particular variety is high in phosphates and potassium, which will help strong roots to develop. This final step will ensure that you and your lawn are prepared for the upcoming months and conditions they bring.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Here's 5 reasons why you should invest in a Tanaka hedge cutter this summer

With the summer season in full swing, we're taking advantage of any time we can spend in the garden. Maintaining, caring and preparing for the months ahead. Although the summer heat is enjoyable for some, it can become overwhelming for those spending the day gardening.

Our fantastic range of Tanaka products are designed to provide power and versatility, while cutting down the time spent carrying out those less enjoyable gardening tasks. Choose from powerful petrol strimmers, lightweight brush cutters and all the accessories that will maximise the experience.  

Here's 5 reasons why you should consider Tanaka this season ...

1. Power

If hedges or lawn edges have gotten out of hand, you will be in search of a product that will be powerful and thorough. Our Tanaka chainsaws, trimmers and hedge cutters are designed with easy start accessibility, meaning just the touch of a button is needed for the engine to power up. Power to weight ratio is essential for the ultimate performance, giving you full control over the movement of the product.

2. Reduced effort

An anti vibration system will take away all stress and discomfort that comes with some powerful chainsaws and hedge cutters. Tanaka's products are designed with a series of anti vibration springs that will help you carry out your task in comfort and with ease. Trimmers also feature low-effort pull starts, which as mentioned earlier, is a bonus to save you time and energy.

3. Versatile and convertible

 The variety of blades and extensions available are designed to suit any area you are working on. Single sided blades are ideal for domestic hedges and shrubs whereas a double sided blade will allow you to cover larger areas faster. Different tooth pitches will also need to be considered to determine how capable the blade will be cutting through certain materials. A 3mm tooth-pitch is ideal for thick woody growth.

4.  Lightweight options

When using a powerful hedge cutter, you should be able to maintain full control of it at all times. Some of our cutters and trimmers come in lightweight and compact varieties so you can work comfortably and confidently. These smaller products are great for reaching corners and angles, giving you more precision when cutting or trimming. When the job is done, your tool can be easily stored away.

5. Ensured safety 

 Most importantly, your safety matters when using these products. Tanaka chainsaws feature chain brakes which instantly stops their operation when the product is forced upwards suddenly. As well as low emission engines, the products have a front-positioned exhaust which directs gases and heat well away from the users face.

See below for just a few of the many Tanaka products on offer at World of Mowers.

Tanaka TBC 240S Petrol Brush Cutter
Our Price: £289.00 £216.75
Including VAT
Save 25%


Tanaka TCH22ECP2 (66) Petrol Hedge Trimmer Low Vib
Our Price: £449.00 £336.75 Including VAT
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Tanaka TCG22EAB 22cc Bent Shaft Petrol Strimmer
 Our Price: £199.00 £149.25 Including VAT
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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Summer mowing made easy with Mountfield!

We're finding it hard to predict a British summer day without rain this year! Meaning we're having to work fast in order to keep our gardens flourishing and healthy this season.

A Ride On Mower is the perfect option to get the grass cut quickly and efficiently, meaning you won't get caught out when the skies turn grey! At World of Mowers we have a great range of Ride on Mowers and Lawn Tractors, designed with high quality features that provide you with versatility and comfort. The UK's best selling mower brand Mountfield offers great a range of high power products that make gardening enjoyable and effortless.

Here are some of our top picks for this summer ...

 Mountfield 1538H-SD 98cm Side Discharge Lawn Tractor

Our Price: £1,599.00 Including VAT

Who wants their mowing interrupted by having to collect grass clippings? The Mountfield 1538H-SD 98cm is designed with a side discharge to enable non stop mowing across any grassed area, large or small. The lawn tractor also includes a mulching option, enabling the recycling of clippings, resulting in a vitamin rich fertiliser. The perfect Ride On Mower for those keen to save time in the garden.
 Mountfield 3600SH Ride on Lawn Tractor (Honda Engine)

Our Price: £2,399.00 Including VAT

For lawns of 1.5 - 2 acres, The Mountfield 3600SH has the power and cutting collector capacity to make larger mowing jobs easy and efficient. Designed with light steering and tight turning to enable easy maneuvering around trees, borders and garden furniture. To save even more time, this product has a tipping lever to open the collector, meaning you won't even have to get off the lawn tractor!

Mountfield 1328H Lawn Rider 72cm Cut Hydrostatic Drive

Our Price: £1,599.00 Including VAT

For even more power when mowing, the Mountfield 1328H Lawn Rider 72cm is designed with a 7250 Series engine. With a simple electric key starting method, there is no hesitation when beginning your gardening tasks. To avoid blockages, the mower has a buzzer to let you know when the collector is full. With a smaller body than our other Mountfield Lawn Tractors, this mower makes up for size in power.

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Monday, 6 June 2016

Summer lawncare - Tips and treatments at your fingertips

Summer is finally here, and we're all eager to get outside in the garden. With events like Barbecues and garden parties coming up, you want your lawn to look it's best to impress your guests.

World of  Mowers are here to help you get on top of your summer lawn care routine and provide you with tips and treatments to keep you and your lawn happy.

Mowing - During the summer season we recommend mowing your lawn once a week, especially when the weather is particularly dry. Keep grass height to around 1 inch, however try not to cut too short as this will encourage weeds and moss to grow. As the weather gets hotter, your lawn will become dryer, during this time it is advised that you should allow the grass to grow longer.

We have a great range of electric and battery powered lawnmowers that are perfect for quick mowing tasks. All designed with features to make the job easy and extremely efficient.

Mountfield Princess 34 Electric Lawnmower

Our Price: £99.00 Including VAT


The Mountfield Princess 34 Electric lawnmower is ideal for a quick mowing task. It's lightweight structure allows you to move around with ease, ideal for a fast and efficient trim prior to any outdoor events you have planned. During the summertime, all grass clippings should be cleared, the mowers 37 litre collecter is an optional feature that we recommend using this season.

Mountfield S42 HP Li 41cm 1500W Battery Lawnmower

Our Price: £399.00 Including VAT


The Mountfield S42 HP Lawnmower has a larger grass collector of 60 litres. With a 5 stage height of cut adjustment, you are in complete control of how thorough you want the mowing task to be. Choose from heights of 27mm - 80mm, depending on what kind of mowing task you are carrying out. This lawnmower is perfect if you are catching up on your summer lawn care.
Watering -  This task should be carried out at dusk when the water will soak into the soil and not evaporate in hot or sunny conditions. Watering your lawn once or twice a week will help avoid shallow roots that may hold back healthy growth. Soil type needs to be considered when watering as some absorb and retain moisture differently. Clay like soil hold water longer where as sand and loam need less water frequently.

Feeding - Using a summer lawn fertilizer this season will keep your lawn looking it's best and encourage growth. We have a great range of Spreaders that provide even results for grassed areas, small or large. We recommend applying fertilizer when rain is expected or when the soil is moist. The salt content of some fertilizers can potentially damage grass that is already stressed from dry weather conditions.

Following these steps and treatments will leave you with a luscious lawn that will thrive all season long.

Check out our full range of Lawn Mowers and Spreaders from top quality brands.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Gear up and ride on this May - Ride on Mowers

With the weather gradually warming up, it is the perfect time to invest in a Ride On Mower and get a head start on your May lawn care. At this time of year, grass will be growing quicker than usual, it will need mowing regularly to ensure it stays strong and healthy through the season. Waiting for the grass to reach a long length before mowing will lead to it being weakened and more likely to make way for weeds and moss.

At World of Mowers, we have a wide range of high quality Ride On Mowers from a range of top brands - Allowing you to mow regularly with ease. Designed with features that provide versatility and comfort, we are confident that you will find a mower that you will be excited to use. 

Kubota GR1600-11 Diesel Garden Tractor.
Our Price: £6,876.00 Including VAT
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For a reliable ride on mower that is designed with economical factors in mind, the Kubota GR1600-11 Garden Tractor will deliver excellent performance during your May lawn care routine. Transportation is easy with single peddle forward/reverse, giving you full control over the movement of your lawnmower. The product also includes a dial type adjustment for cutting height, again giving you all the control over how thorough you want the task of mowing to be. Cleaning is quick and convenient with the easy-dump grass collector and direct collection system - Fuss free mowing all year round. 

 Buy it now and have your Kubota GR1600-11 delivered fully assembled and ready to use!

Snapper 28" Rear Engine Petrol Ride on Mower E2813523BVE
Our Price: £2,049.00 Including VAT 
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For an even quicker mowing job, the Snapper 28" Ride on Mower is designed with quick response steering and a tight turning radius, helping you move around tight corners and small spaces. Rider experience is maximized with comfortable adjustable seating and a convenient cup holder, making the task of mowing more enjoyable and stress free. The products pivoting frame enables great contour following, meaning the mower cuts grass to match the angle you travel. 

Buy it now and have your Snapper 28" Ride on Mower delivered fully assembled and ready to use!

Grillo Climber 9.22
 Our Price: £6,250.00 Including VAT
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From our brand new Grillo range, the Climber 9,22 is perfect for tackling large mowing tasks, particularly those with high overgrown grass. The mower is designed to travel on steep slopes and banks, with wide wheels that stand up to uneven surfaces and terrain. Whether you plan to work in the countryside, agriculture or just general garden areas, you can guarantee the Grillo Climber will deliver great performance along with quality that lasts. 

 Buy it now and get your Grillo Climber Delivered for FREE!

Browse our full range of ride on mowers here, or why not explore more of  our ranges from Kubota, Snapper and Grillo.     

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring into action this season.

Spring is one of the most important seasons to pay attention to your lawn care routine. The ground is likely to look a little worn down after the cold months, meaning now is the time to rejuvenate and bring it back to good health.

In the springtime your lawn requires regular mowing, feeding and moss killing. The key to greener and thicker grass is to feed it with a good lawn fertilizer, this makes it stronger and restores the health lost in the winter. By carrying it out this task, you are also preventing problems that could occur later into the season.

At World of Mowers we have a great range of Sprayers and Spreaders, to make the job of fertilizing easy and worthwhile. However you choose to fertilize we have products that can accompany you on the job while providing the best quality and efficiency.

GWCS9 SCH Towed Sprayer 180 Litre
Our Price: £797.64 Including VAT
£938.40 Save 15%
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The GWCS S9 can be used for small or larger areas, with an adjustable nozzle height to reach up to 2100mm. A tank capacity of 180 litres (40 gallons) means you can fertilize your lawn thoroughly whilst the "break back" spray boom gives even coverage. This feature folds up for easy transportation. The Sprayer includes a 50mm Ball for towing, whilst wide pneumatic wheels help prevent wheel marks so your lawn looks it's best after the job is done.

PBS250 SCH Three Point Linkage Powered Broadcast Spreader.
Our Price: £1,035.30 Including VAT
£1,218.00 Save 15%
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With a capacity of up to 250 litres, the SCH PBS250 Broadcaster is great for larger fertilizing tasks. The product can spread fertilizer from 6-8 metres, this can be controlled by using the right or left shut off. It's cone shape allows both free flow and equal distribution of material, which helps provide you with high performance and effective coverage. The broadcaster can also be fitted with a broadcasting guard for controlled spreading.  

Agri-Fab 175lb ATV Towed Spreader 45-0329
Our Price: £349.00 Including VAT
Buy it now!

For medium to large grassed areas, choose the Agri-Fab 175lb ATB Towed Spreader. We ensure all our products provide you with the excellent quality that lasts, which is why this spreader includes rust proof plates and a heat treated steel gear wheel. The spreader also includes a raised on/off control that is easily accessible from the seat of your ATV, providing convenience when carrying out the all important task of fertilizing.

Establishing a good lawn care routine this Spring will leave you with a lawn that looks great and will thrive in the warmer months to come. 

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