Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Gear up and ride on this May - Ride on Mowers

With the weather gradually warming up, it is the perfect time to invest in a Ride On Mower and get a head start on your May lawn care. At this time of year, grass will be growing quicker than usual, it will need mowing regularly to ensure it stays strong and healthy through the season. Waiting for the grass to reach a long length before mowing will lead to it being weakened and more likely to make way for weeds and moss.

At World of Mowers, we have a wide range of high quality Ride On Mowers from a range of top brands - Allowing you to mow regularly with ease. Designed with features that provide versatility and comfort, we are confident that you will find a mower that you will be excited to use. 

Kubota GR1600-11 Diesel Garden Tractor.
Our Price: £6,876.00 Including VAT
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For a reliable ride on mower that is designed with economical factors in mind, the Kubota GR1600-11 Garden Tractor will deliver excellent performance during your May lawn care routine. Transportation is easy with single peddle forward/reverse, giving you full control over the movement of your lawnmower. The product also includes a dial type adjustment for cutting height, again giving you all the control over how thorough you want the task of mowing to be. Cleaning is quick and convenient with the easy-dump grass collector and direct collection system - Fuss free mowing all year round. 

 Buy it now and have your Kubota GR1600-11 delivered fully assembled and ready to use!

Snapper 28" Rear Engine Petrol Ride on Mower E2813523BVE
Our Price: £2,049.00 Including VAT 
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For an even quicker mowing job, the Snapper 28" Ride on Mower is designed with quick response steering and a tight turning radius, helping you move around tight corners and small spaces. Rider experience is maximized with comfortable adjustable seating and a convenient cup holder, making the task of mowing more enjoyable and stress free. The products pivoting frame enables great contour following, meaning the mower cuts grass to match the angle you travel. 

Buy it now and have your Snapper 28" Ride on Mower delivered fully assembled and ready to use!

Grillo Climber 9.22
 Our Price: £6,250.00 Including VAT
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From our brand new Grillo range, the Climber 9,22 is perfect for tackling large mowing tasks, particularly those with high overgrown grass. The mower is designed to travel on steep slopes and banks, with wide wheels that stand up to uneven surfaces and terrain. Whether you plan to work in the countryside, agriculture or just general garden areas, you can guarantee the Grillo Climber will deliver great performance along with quality that lasts. 

 Buy it now and get your Grillo Climber Delivered for FREE!

Browse our full range of ride on mowers here, or why not explore more of  our ranges from Kubota, Snapper and Grillo.     

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring into action this season.

Spring is one of the most important seasons to pay attention to your lawn care routine. The ground is likely to look a little worn down after the cold months, meaning now is the time to rejuvenate and bring it back to good health.

In the springtime your lawn requires regular mowing, feeding and moss killing. The key to greener and thicker grass is to feed it with a good lawn fertilizer, this makes it stronger and restores the health lost in the winter. By carrying it out this task, you are also preventing problems that could occur later into the season.

At World of Mowers we have a great range of Sprayers and Spreaders, to make the job of fertilizing easy and worthwhile. However you choose to fertilize we have products that can accompany you on the job while providing the best quality and efficiency.

GWCS9 SCH Towed Sprayer 180 Litre
Our Price: £797.64 Including VAT
£938.40 Save 15%
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The GWCS S9 can be used for small or larger areas, with an adjustable nozzle height to reach up to 2100mm. A tank capacity of 180 litres (40 gallons) means you can fertilize your lawn thoroughly whilst the "break back" spray boom gives even coverage. This feature folds up for easy transportation. The Sprayer includes a 50mm Ball for towing, whilst wide pneumatic wheels help prevent wheel marks so your lawn looks it's best after the job is done.

PBS250 SCH Three Point Linkage Powered Broadcast Spreader.
Our Price: £1,035.30 Including VAT
£1,218.00 Save 15%
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With a capacity of up to 250 litres, the SCH PBS250 Broadcaster is great for larger fertilizing tasks. The product can spread fertilizer from 6-8 metres, this can be controlled by using the right or left shut off. It's cone shape allows both free flow and equal distribution of material, which helps provide you with high performance and effective coverage. The broadcaster can also be fitted with a broadcasting guard for controlled spreading.  

Agri-Fab 175lb ATV Towed Spreader 45-0329
Our Price: £349.00 Including VAT
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For medium to large grassed areas, choose the Agri-Fab 175lb ATB Towed Spreader. We ensure all our products provide you with the excellent quality that lasts, which is why this spreader includes rust proof plates and a heat treated steel gear wheel. The spreader also includes a raised on/off control that is easily accessible from the seat of your ATV, providing convenience when carrying out the all important task of fertilizing.

Establishing a good lawn care routine this Spring will leave you with a lawn that looks great and will thrive in the warmer months to come. 

Click here to browse our full range of Sprayers and Spreaders

Friday, 18 March 2016

Meet The New Grillo Range

Founded back in 1953 under the name of "OFFICINE PINZA", GRILLO SpA began as an innovations project when twenty year old Benito Pinza invented the first GRILLO walking tractor. 63 Years later in 2016, GRILLO continues to design and produce machines for professional agriculture, as well as machinery for domestic use in private house gardens. GRILLO company manufactures 20.000 machines per year spread over more than 50 different models, employing more than 200 staff mem

Grillo Climber 9.22

Known for it's versatility - the Climber 9.22 is a hydrostatic ride-on brush cutter, fully equipped with locking diffs and front parking breaks. This high performance machine is ideal for mowing areas of high grass and is extremely well suited to working on slopes and banks thanks to its wide wheelbase, tractor tyres, and low centre of gravity. Powered by a high performance 18HP Briggs and Stratton 7220 Professional Series V-Twin engine, the Climber 9.22 is an extremely rapid and efficient machine that offers a high work rate and smooth drive, whilst not sacrificing ease of use. ideal for agriculture or even in private/domestic gardens.

Grillo Dumper 507

The larger of the two dumpers in our range, the Grillo Dumper 507 is a powerful and versatile track carrier used for transporting various types of material in a whole host of different situations. The completely mechanized traction allows full access to the power that the Subaru (Petrol Model) or Lombardini (Diesel Model) engine has to offer. With a total of 7 gears (4 front and 3 reverse) either of the 2 engine options offer phenomenal levels of torque to tackle slopes of up to 48% gradient when fully loaded. With a maximum speed of 8.7 km/h the 507 features an automatic brake system which kicks in automatically when you let go of the throttle, ensuring complete safety when operating the machine.

Grillo HWT 600WD Wheel Driven Trimmer

Finally, the Grillo HWT 600 WD Wheel Driven Trimmer has an abundant power to cut grass, small bushes and unkept areas in any ground conditions. Driven wheels powered by a 4.4hp Honda GCV160 OHC air cooled engine, complete with dry air filter which can be maintained easily with interchangeable filter cartridges. Its single speed gearbox, gives this wheel driven trimmer a maximum speed of 3km/h along with a cutting width of 600mm - with 4 adjustable cutting heights (10, 25, 45 and 57mm). Weighing in at only 44kg this trimmer is lightweight and extremely easy to use. Grass-guard protection is included as a standard feature.

You can view our full Grillo range at or by clicking the product pictures included in this post.

Friday, 5 February 2016

February lawn care - Scarify your lawn

The month of February is the time your lawn may die back as it starts to grow, which means it is time to start Scarifying. You should carry out this task in mild and dry conditions and keep of the lawn if the ground is frozen or water logged. World of Mowers have a great range of products to make this task easy and worth while.

Why is scarifying so important? The process involves removing moss and thatch from the ground so grassed areas will regenerate naturally and become more receptive to fertilisers and other products. Overall this means a healthy lawn that you will be proud of. 

RR3 SCH Towed Powered Scarifying Rake

Our Price: £2,138.40 Including VAT
£2,376.00 Save 10%

The RR3 SCH Towed powered scarifying Rake is great for small grassed areas, heavy duty wheels allow it to be towed across uneven ground whilst effectively removing dead grass. Features include adjustable depth control so you can decide how thoroughly you want to scarify your lawn. You also have the option to manually control the rake, attaching the included handle means you can push the tool yourself.

SR2 SCH 60" Towed Scarifying Rake

Our Price: £423.36 Including VAT
£484.80 Save 10%

For larger ground areas The  SR2 60" Towed Scarifying Rake is longer in length with two rows of high quality tines. This product can also be multi functionable, removing the wheels and turning the rake upside down makes means it can be used for leveling seed beds and mole hills. Easy vehicle attachment and towing lets you get the job done quickly but efficiently.

3SR SCH Three Point Linkage Mounted 60" Scarifying Rake.

Our Price: £706.32 Including VAT
£784.80 Save 10%

For even larger grassed areas, the 3SR SCH Three Point Scarifying Rake  Features include a spring mounted "jigger" which means the tool operates with more power than generic scarifying rakes. Staggered tines allow the tool to reach every area of grass, meaning full coverage of the surface you are working on. This product will help you save time because of it's size and power, making the job of scarifying more bearable.

Prepare your lawn for spring with the best quality products that will give great results.

Click here to view our full range of scarifying tools

Friday, 8 January 2016

Find the best Quad and ATV tyres for the ultimate riding experience.

 Have you planned any Quad or ATV trips this month? Make sure you are prepared for off road adventures with great quality tyres and rims that will maximise the experience.World of Mowers offer a wide range of high performance Quad and ATV tyres to suit all terrains you may encounter on your action packed journey.

Our range includes high quality tyres and rims manufactured for durability and ultimate performance. Find products from brands Polaris, Journey and Kenda to fit various Quad and ATV models, we also have nuts to ensure tyres are fitted correctly and safely. Consider what kind of terrains you will be travelling on to find tyres with the appropriate grip, choose from Bear Claw, Dominator, Pathfinder and more. All our products are designed and manufactured to give you quality products that stand up to what ever conditions you and your Quad or ATV face.

Read below for more information on out tyres and rims and be sure to head over to our site to view the full range


Our Price: £1,134.10

This 14" flat black Sixr rims & 26" Maxxis Big Horn tyre kit are structured to provide style and high performance. Their radial construction gives a smooth ride on dirt, rocks and in the desert. The tyres also feature extra lugs on the shoulder to protect the sidewall and rim.

Click here to find out more

Kenda K299 Bear Claw 22x12.00-10 46F (4PR) TL E Tyre Off Road

Our Price: £94.99

For speed and performance, these Kenda K299 Bear Claw tyres are constructed with excellent grip on uneven surfaces. Meaning you can off road with ease whilst using the best quality riding components. Made for speeds up to 80mph.

Click here to find out more

Polaris 12" Aluminium Rims (Front) Part No 2876086

Our Price: £75.74

These 12" Polaris Aluminium Rims fit several Polaris ATV models as well as Ranger and Ranger RZR models. The Aluminium finish gives a significant boost in style as well as durability against moderate weather conditions. Paired with World Of Mowers tyres, you will get the best quality ATV and Quad experience.

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Whether you plan to venture off road or through deep muddy terrain, be sure to fit your vehicle with the best tyres.

View the full range of Quad and ATV Tyres at World Of Mowers

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Keep the fire burning - World of Mowers SCH Trailers for winter.

As the cold winter nights draw in, there's nothing better than settling down by a warm fire. World of Mowers have a great range of SCH trailers with built in features that make transporting timber and logs an easy task. The range includes trailers for small and large loads,with various capacities and wheels to suit ground conditions. 

SCH PTP Plastic Body Tipping Trailer
 - £338.64 Including VAT

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 The strong commercial grade plastic body of this SCH PTP Tipping Trailer means that you can transport corrosive material without causing body rot. The trailer can also be kept outside without deterioration, making it a great quality product for your winter tidy up.

SCH GWT415 Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Timber Trailer
- £750.72 Including VAT

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 This SCH GWT415 is great for carrying larger loads of timber, with a 760kg capacity. Optional extension sides are easily removable and help keep bulky materials secure when in transit. The trailer can be pulled by a choice of two attachments, a standard clevis hitch and a ball hitch attachment, making it a very useful dual purpose unit.


SCH GDTT Steel Tipping Dump Trailer. Wide Profile Wheels
- £318.24 Including VAT

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Special features of the SCH GDTT Trailer include wide profile wheels, complete with bearings to prolong their life. Wider wheels also means track marks on softer surfaces are kept to a minimum. This trailer is also good for larger loads, with a carrying capacity of 500kg and spring bolt action tipping mechanism.

View the whole range here and stay warm this winter!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Leaves away! Leaf Blowers and Vacuums for the autumn season.

As the weather changes and the leaves start to fall, keen gardeners start to prepare for the autumn season. World Of Mowers offers a range of powerful and efficient leaf blowers and vacuums to help keep your garden looking neat and tidy this autumn.

Lawnflite Petrol Blower / Vac BV3000G -
Our Price:£119.20 Including VAT

The Lawnflite Petrol Blower comes with a 2 stroke engine and airflow volume up to 165 km/h to make the cleaning up process quick and easy. Users also have the option to switch to a vacuum feature for smaller areas, this shreds leaves and twigs storing them in the catcher bag. The bag has a 40 litre capacity, meaning there is plenty of room for all those nuisance leaves.

SCH Large Capacity Trailed Collector TRCL -
Our Price: £2,486.40 Including VAT

 Tractors like this SCH have a centre rear discharge which then blows the cut grass/leaves into a limited size collection hopper. The powerful motorised fan unit mounted on the front of the TRCL sucks up the green waste from the cutter deck and propels it into the trailer. The trailer has a low centre of gravity, which makes it extremely stable on hilly ground. With a bigger capacity, this product is perfect for large areas, saving you a lot of time and physical work.

Tanaka TRB 24EAP Hand Held Petrol Leaf Blower -  
Our Price: £186.75 Save 25% Including VAT

The Tanaka TRB has a 23.9 cc commercial-grade engine featuring PureFire low-emission two-stroke technology, which reduces fumes. This leaf blower also offers an air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute and delivers air speeds up to 170 miles per hour, making it a very powerful tool for large amounts of leaves and other matter.

World of Mowers aims to offer customers products that not only make tasks easy, but are great value for money. So don't let Autumn get in the way of keeping your garden pride, browse the range of powerful and efficient leaf blowers and vacuums. Be prepared to take on the season!

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