Thursday, 27 February 2014

Preparing Your Garden For The Summer

Leaf blowers are the perfect addition to your gardening tools this year. Less work and less time consuming than the old fashioned rake, especially at this time of year when we begin the garden clean up ready for the summer BBQ season.

It makes sense to own a leaf blower and save yourself some hard manual labour, here at World of Mowers we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from, depending what you prefer.

Petrol blowers are light weight yet extremely powerful and some also have the ability to blow and vac making them very handy.
Tanaka TRB 24EAP Petrol Blower

The Tanaka TRB 24EAP Petrol Blower is definitely up there with petrol leaf blowers to consider. This particular design is made to make huge clean up tasks quick and easy. The engine features PureFire low-emission two-stroke technology, it also offers a air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute and delivers air speeds up to 170 miles per hour.

Our price only £229.00 and free delivery.

Stihl BR 200 - Compact low weight backpack blower
Another to consider when making this purchase is the Stihl BR 200 - Compact low weight backpack blower, ideal for bringing professional power to your gardens. This leaf blower has the ability to tackle any obstacles, it also features a anti-vibration system which helps with comfort and reduces system fatigue.

Here at World of Mowers for only £349.00 including free delivery.

Come down to World of Mowers today, or buy online and make the first steps in preparing your garden for the upcoming summer months.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Get Ready for Cutting season with a new Lawn mower

While winter is not yet over and spring seems a fair way off, it is worth thinking about your lawn. Take a look in your shed and make sure your lawn mower is ready for the spring. There’s nothing worse than waiting till the lawn really needs a cut to discover you need a new lawnmower. Maybe your lawn mower still works but you want something more suitable for your lawn. At World of Mowers we have a range of lawn mowers suitable for different lawn sizes and types.

Electric Lawn mowers
Electric lawn mowers are no longer the poor man’s petrol mower. The efficient designs mean you can have the power of a petrol mower with the ease of use of an electric. Certain brands of mowers like Wolf Mowers have anti kink cable minders to keep the cable out of your way. The needs for a power source make these mowers more suitable for smaller to medium size gardens, they should also not be used in wet weather.

Cordless Lawn Mowers
The lightweight nature of the electric and the freedom of movement combined makes Cordless Lawn Mowers a good option for people who need this combination. Battery powered mowers don’t need to be plugged in to run, so can reach areas you would have only thought possible with a petrol lawnmower without the maintenance of a petrol mower.

Cordless Mower

Petrol Rotary Mowers.
Petrol rotary mowers have 4 wheels and an engine above the horizontal rotor blade; most models have a collection bag and the ability to alter the cut length. World of mowers have a range of Mountfield lawn mowers and Lawnflite lawnmowers. Small petrol lawn mower can be easy to handle, there are no wires to worry about and they can cope well with damp grass. Petrol mowers can cope with larger gardens and are great for lawns between 40m2 and 1600m2. Petrol mowers are worth considering if you have a safe place to store petrol and can maintain the engine. Petrol mowers usually have the option of self-propelled or push. Self-propelled is worth considering for larger lawns and an easier job as they tend to be adjustable to your walking speed.

Petrol Rear Roller Mowers. These are similar in design to the petrol rotary mowers except for a large rear roller; the roller is used to create neat stripes in your lawn.

Petrol Rear Roller Mower

Petrol Cylinder Mowers. For a truly professional lawn finish, cylinder mowers are unbeaten by other models of mowers. Use this mower to maintain a sport turf finish or just keep it looking professional. Cylinder mowers have vertically rotating blades and deliver a fine cut; this makes them unsuitable for uneven lawns

Mulching Lawn mowers Using a Mulching Mower is the easiest way to cut your grass and the innovative blade and deck design also makes the lawnmower quieter. The system cuts and recuts the grass into tiny pieces that are distributed while you mow, these simply wilt away, returning valuable nutrients to the soil to improve lawn quality.

Whatever lawn mower you require there is a large range to choose from and great advice available in store and online at World of Mowers.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Stihl Electric Leaf Blowers

As we slowly progress in to Winter, it’s worth thinking about how you’re going to clean up after those hundreds of orange leaves which will be inevitably strewn all over your garden. Rather than use a rake, a much more effective method is to use a leaf blower. Here at World of Mowers, we have a number of options for you to choose from.

Stihl BGE 71
The Stihl BGE 71 is the ultimate ease-of-use leaf blower, and can be used on a number of surfaces such as grass and pavements. It is light and ergonomic whilst also being extra quiet, whilst all the controls are accessible from one hand and ensures the operator’s hand never leaves the handle.

It also comes with a free pair of safety glasses which are recommended whilst operating. The BGE 71 also includes a cable strain relief, which helps prevent the power cable coming loose. Best of all it’s all available for £99!

Stihl SHE 71
The SHE 71 is an electric vaccum shredder which provides the benefits of a vaccum, a blower, and a leaf shredder all in one. The light but powerful engine easily sucks leaves in to the integrated turbo wheel, making light work of even the biggest leaf piles.

In fact, dry leaves can be shredded to just 1/12 of their original volume! It hosts all the features of the BGE 71, in addition to a huge 45 litre bag for use in conjunction with the vaccum feature – debris can be removed easily from the smallest of cracks. Plus, at £115, it’s a bargain!

Stihl BGA 85
The BGA 85 is a powerful portable cordless blower. Everything can be easily adjusted from one hand as the controls are easily accessible. Infinite options are available for air stream and blowing intensity which makes this blower a real powerhouse when it comes to clearing large areas fast. Plus, it’s next to noiseless! And only £249!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Looking After Your Chainsaw

If you’re looking to get some use out of your chainsaw, maybe to chop some firewood or clear some unwanted branches, then you’ll want to make sure it’s up to scratch before doing so. Maintaining your chainsaw is always important, but especially after a long, unused, period it is essential to perform a few checks.

Firstly, you will need to check the oil level for the bar and chain. It is essential that the levels are optimum as without lubrication you could cause a lot of damage to your saw.  A majority of chainsaws are self-oiling so only the levels need to be topped up.

It is also important to keep the chain on your chainsaw sharp. This not only makes use of the chainsaw more efficient and effective but it also much safer for the user and will prevent kick-backs and imprecise cutting.

A metal file can easily be used to sharpen blades, and regular sharpening will make this less time-consuming in the long run. File at a right angle to the chainsaw rollers, ensuring that the chainsaw is secured in place.

You may also need to replace the air filter on your saw.  Usually, chainsaw air filters need to be replaced after every 10 hours of use, and will ensure that it is less prone to overheating and is more efficient. This is also the case with the fuel filter, which should be replaced every 20 hours, as the filter can become clogged and perform poorly.

If your chainsaw won’t start, it could be to do with the spark plug. Make sure that fuel is reaching the spark plug, and that the plug lead is making contact. Also, remember to clear any debris out of your chainsaw after every use.

Hopefully this quick and easy to follow guide will make sure that you're looking after your chainsaw properly. For more gardening tips, chainsaws, and chainsaw spares visit World of Mowers in store or online today.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Bosch AXT 25 D

Doing a clear-up around your garden? A garden shredder can be ideal for clearing up waste materials and making them easier to dispose of. Shredded garden material is also great for compost and recycling. At World of Mowers, we offer a number of shredders to choose from.

The Bosch AXT 25 D quiet electric shredder is an ideal solution to excessive garden waste. The improved and optimised drum cutting system means that around 190Kg of material can be shredded every hour, meaning even large piles of waste material can be turned into recyclable mulch and chippings in no time at all.
It also has a cutting capacity of up to 40mm to accommodate the largest of branches and wood panels. The unit also sports a unique removable hopper, to ensure that the shredder is only 67cm high when stored. Plus, the powerful 2500w motor is miles ahead of the competition, and is super quiet at the same time.

The 'cut and crush' cutting system is designed for large volumes of medium sized material such as branches and hedgerows, turning them quickly into chopped material. The engine works quickly despite being low on noise emissions.

The  AXT 25 D also includes a sizeable 53 litre collection box which is easily and safely detachable for transporting shredded material.

As if that wasn't enough, we also offer free delivery to the UK Mainland! At only £309.99, there's no excuse why you can't have your garden cleared up in no time.

Monday, 2 September 2013

The Toro DH210 Series Tractor Mower

Looking for something slightly more industrial than your standard mower for your garden or estate? Finding it difficult to maintain large areas of grass? Then a ride-on mower could be the best option to suit your needs.

The Toro DH210 Series Tractor Mower was made with the European homeowner in mind, with a comfortable chair and complete control from one place. The mower can be changed to Recycler® mode with ease – Toro’s perfected mulching technique.

The mower features a huge 40” blade for easy coverage of large areas of grass in no time at all. It has a direct collection of grass clippings for easy maintenance and clearing. The Specially designed cutting deck has two counter-rotating blades to create a powerful airflow that directs grass clippings straight in to the bag. Plus, the bag can be easily dumped by lever from the seat.

The solid, steel frame is powered forwards by a huge 500cc Briggs & Stratton Intek OHV Engine which will get you round the lawn in next to no time and give you more time to relax.

Plus, at World of Mowers, you’ll get free delivery! And best of all the Toro DH210 Series Tractor Mower now has over £500 off!

Monday, 5 August 2013

Hedgecutters and Hedgetrimmers

It's that time of year where you’re getting ready to maintain your garden and prepare for the colder months. Then you’ll need to trim the bushes in your garden to keep it looking tidy for the weeks ahead. Luckily, we've got all the Hedgecutters and Hedgetrimmers you’ll ever want at World of Mowers, so look no further!

Petrol Hedge Cutters
This fantastic Tanaka THT 2100SB, ideal for hobby and small commercial use, has now got 25% off! It includes a sound reduction system for 44% less noise so you can keep the radio on.

Electric Hedge Cutters
We recommend this Bosch AHS 60-16, with a powerful 450 watt motor. Now with 15% off! It has a smaller dimensions and a low weight, to keep hedge trimming easy and simple, and you trimming for longer.

Cordless Hedge Cutters
This Bosch AHS 48 LI has laser-cut, diamond ground blades for a clean cut, and now you can save 15%! With a 15mm tooth spacing, this powerful cutter allows you to cut medium-sized branches too. It also includes an ‘Anti-Blocking’ system for extra power which prevents stalling.

Pole Hedge Cutters and Trimmers
Try this Tanaka TPH 230S, designed for medium height hedges now with 25% off! It has a double blade for reaching those higher areas, and comes with an easy start mode and a strap harness.

For more Hedgecutters, Hedgetrimmers, lawnmowers and other gardening tools visit World of Mowers in store or online today.