Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Give that bush a cut!

Hedge trimming is an art. Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler. The temptation is to keep on trimming when really it’s about crafting the shape of the hedge to produce a highly aesthetic end result.

We always achieve to desired effect and will work with you to produce the result you want from your hedge.

A neat and tidy hedge is a joy to see, but it does need work to achieve that smart finish. You can of course do the job by hand, but a powered hedge trimmer will almost certainly save you time and energy. Choosing the right hedge trimmer is an important decision; the right machine will pay long-term dividends, no matter the size or scale of your task.



Monday, 30 June 2014

Lawnflite Parts and MTD spares

Over the past few months we have been focusing on updating your lawn mower to a newer model and while there are a great range of models available, it might be more straightforward to simply replace a part on your old mower.

World of mowers have a database of thousands of lawn mower spares with detailed diagrams, so you can replace the broken part of your lawn mower without needing to purchase a whole new lawn mower. Simply click on our spares page, locate the brand of your mower and then the type of machine, then the model and you will see the range of spare parts on offer. If you know what you are looking for you can search by part number or by serial number.

We have a particularly large array of lawnflite spares and mtd parts. After you have located the spares there if the product is available to buy online you can add the part to basket and proceed to checkout.

 If you can’t find what you are looking for you can contact staff at world of mowers that will be more than willing to assist, either by phone 01159 200099 or email info@worldofmowers.ltd.uk

Thursday, 29 May 2014

The World of Mowers Lawn Mower Range

World of Mowers are one of the largest suppliers of garden machinery online, we have a unbelievable range of lawnmowers, from electric and cordless to petrol rotary mowers and many more. To decide which type of mower you need it is worth considering the conditions in which you want to mow as well as the size of your lawn. Also worth considering is how much effort you want to put into cutting the lawn as a lawn mower with more power will take some of the effort out of the job.

 In the electric and cordless range we have lawn mower models from Bosch, Mountfield and Wolf,a popular choice is the Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex Electric Rotary Mower, World of Mowers price only £199.99. Lightweight and handy at only 14 kg this mower is guaranteed to provide you with a beautifully finished lawn and the power this mower can reach is very similar to that of a petrol mower, with free delivery you can't go wrong.

Another prevailing brand in the market at the moment is Mountfield. Consider the Mountfield Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower Emperor 40, at £799.99 it is a pricey product, however World of Mowers are offering £30 cashback on all your petrol mowers. Your new mower will arrive fully assembled and ready for you to use, and of course delivery will be free.

The Stiga Multiclip 50 48cn Hand-Propelled Lawnmower is here at World of Mowers for £249.00 plus an additional £20 cash back for your old petrol lawn mower. Again this model comes with free delivery and boasts a 140cc engine, robust steel chassis and ball bearing wheels, not only this but it mulches clippings instead of collecting them, which enables the user to get the job done 30% faster than a normal mower. So if time is of the essence to you, this is one to consider.

View our entire range of Lawn Mowers here.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mountfield Ride On Mowers

Here at World of Mowers, we have a fantastic variety of Ride on Mowers, perfect if you have several acres of bumpy grass. A ride on mower can easily cover large lawns and gardens and is a more practical solution to those with larger areas to mow. Mountfield is a very reputable ride on mower brand and we have numerous options you could opt for.

New for the 2014 season is the Mountfield 727M Mini Ride on Mower Side Discharge or Mulch. Here at World of Mowers for only £1,099.00 perfect for mowing smaller gardens. This item will be delivered fully assembled ready for you to use! Another fantastic aspect of buying from us is that we offer cash back on your old Ride on Mower. For this particular model we would offer £120 cash back for your old one.

If you are looking for a larger model that would suit a much larger garden up to around 0.75 acre, the Mountfield 827H-B Compact Lawn Rider Briggs & Stratton Engine is one to consider. This ride of mower boasts 6 cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 80mm, and is able to hold a capacity of 150 litres. World of Mowers price only £1,499.00; again a cash back offer is also available, trade in your old ride on mower for this model today and receive £200 cash back!

View our entire Mountfield range here, or visit us as World of Mowers.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Wolf Tools at World of Mowers

March is the beginning of a very busy season in the gardening world. It's the month to begin the preparations for the summer and get your garden back in tip top shape. In order to do this you will require the best tools on the market World of Mowers is a ideal place to stock up on ground care essentials.

A popular brand on the gardening market is 'Wolf Garten Tools' they offer a great variety of gardening tools.

Be sure to make planting all those new bulbs easier with the Wolf Automatic Planter, here at World of Mowers for only £7.99. This special tool ensures that planting proceeds with the simple touch of a button, perfectly every time. It's special on the side scale also allows you to determine the insertion depth. A must have, and with free postage to.

Another must have in preperation is the Wolf Garten Seed Sower. This handy tool will definitely save you a mass of time and effort by sowing seeds uniformly in perfect rows. It also has the ability to adjust to 6 seed size settings. Again with free postage you can save 20% with this nifty tool as our price is only £11.99.

 A final handy tool to have is the Wolf Box Tree Shares, World of Mowers price only £27.99. These shares are perfect to begin perfecting topiary and small hedges. The way in which the shares are made with short blades and high stability plastic promote powerful problem free cutting.

View the whole range here.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Preparing Your Garden For The Summer

Leaf blowers are the perfect addition to your gardening tools this year. Less work and less time consuming than the old fashioned rake, especially at this time of year when we begin the garden clean up ready for the summer BBQ season.

It makes sense to own a leaf blower and save yourself some hard manual labour, here at World of Mowers we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from, depending what you prefer.

Petrol blowers are light weight yet extremely powerful and some also have the ability to blow and vac making them very handy.
Tanaka TRB 24EAP Petrol Blower

The Tanaka TRB 24EAP Petrol Blower is definitely up there with petrol leaf blowers to consider. This particular design is made to make huge clean up tasks quick and easy. The engine features PureFire low-emission two-stroke technology, it also offers a air volume of 441 cubic feet per minute and delivers air speeds up to 170 miles per hour.

Our price only £229.00 and free delivery.

Stihl BR 200 - Compact low weight backpack blower
Another to consider when making this purchase is the Stihl BR 200 - Compact low weight backpack blower, ideal for bringing professional power to your gardens. This leaf blower has the ability to tackle any obstacles, it also features a anti-vibration system which helps with comfort and reduces system fatigue.

Here at World of Mowers for only £349.00 including free delivery.

Come down to World of Mowers today, or buy online and make the first steps in preparing your garden for the upcoming summer months.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Get Ready for Cutting season with a new Lawn mower

While winter is not yet over and spring seems a fair way off, it is worth thinking about your lawn. Take a look in your shed and make sure your lawn mower is ready for the spring. There’s nothing worse than waiting till the lawn really needs a cut to discover you need a new lawnmower. Maybe your lawn mower still works but you want something more suitable for your lawn. At World of Mowers we have a range of lawn mowers suitable for different lawn sizes and types.

Electric Lawn mowers
Electric lawn mowers are no longer the poor man’s petrol mower. The efficient designs mean you can have the power of a petrol mower with the ease of use of an electric. Certain brands of mowers like Wolf Mowers have anti kink cable minders to keep the cable out of your way. The needs for a power source make these mowers more suitable for smaller to medium size gardens, they should also not be used in wet weather.

Cordless Lawn Mowers
The lightweight nature of the electric and the freedom of movement combined makes Cordless Lawn Mowers a good option for people who need this combination. Battery powered mowers don’t need to be plugged in to run, so can reach areas you would have only thought possible with a petrol lawnmower without the maintenance of a petrol mower.

Cordless Mower

Petrol Rotary Mowers.
Petrol rotary mowers have 4 wheels and an engine above the horizontal rotor blade; most models have a collection bag and the ability to alter the cut length. World of mowers have a range of Mountfield lawn mowers and Lawnflite lawnmowers. Small petrol lawn mower can be easy to handle, there are no wires to worry about and they can cope well with damp grass. Petrol mowers can cope with larger gardens and are great for lawns between 40m2 and 1600m2. Petrol mowers are worth considering if you have a safe place to store petrol and can maintain the engine. Petrol mowers usually have the option of self-propelled or push. Self-propelled is worth considering for larger lawns and an easier job as they tend to be adjustable to your walking speed.

Petrol Rear Roller Mowers. These are similar in design to the petrol rotary mowers except for a large rear roller; the roller is used to create neat stripes in your lawn.

Petrol Rear Roller Mower

Petrol Cylinder Mowers. For a truly professional lawn finish, cylinder mowers are unbeaten by other models of mowers. Use this mower to maintain a sport turf finish or just keep it looking professional. Cylinder mowers have vertically rotating blades and deliver a fine cut; this makes them unsuitable for uneven lawns

Mulching Lawn mowers Using a Mulching Mower is the easiest way to cut your grass and the innovative blade and deck design also makes the lawnmower quieter. The system cuts and recuts the grass into tiny pieces that are distributed while you mow, these simply wilt away, returning valuable nutrients to the soil to improve lawn quality.

Whatever lawn mower you require there is a large range to choose from and great advice available in store and online at World of Mowers.