Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Mow with ease with a Cub Cadet Ride-on Mower

Two wheel drive on a mower? An advanced cutting system with optimal airflow, blade overlap and floating deck? A Cub Cadet ride-on mower gives you the chance to cut turf with ease.

For just £3699, the Cud Cadet RZT-S46 is perfect for un-level ground and large areas of turf. This mower has a dedicated dual hydrostatic rear-wheel transmission, delivering effortless zero-turn control. Click here to find out more.

This garden tractor features Autodrive Transmission, adjusted simply with the foot pedal and has an extremely tight turning radius of 40cm/16", which is considerably smaller than most garden tractors in its class. Also important is the step through chassis design, allowing easy mounting and dismounting on/off the mower. The mower's huge grass box holds 280 litres of grass. Click here to find out more.

Hire a Trailer this Winter

Trailers are great for transporting luggage and heavy goods safely and securely, but they are expensive to buy outright and large if storage is limited - therefore hiring one for a one-off occassion may suit you perfectly.

Moving house, camping, picking up furniture, these movable area's can hold a lot of weight and make them ideal for transporting with.

Here are a few of our trailers available for hire:

Trailer hire

Indespension Box Van TAV07064MY For Hire

From £24.00 per day, click here for more information.

Indespension Flatbed Trailer with Ramps GT26085RY For Hire

From £36.00 per day, click here for more information.

The World of Mowers trailer service allows you to take advantage of our range of high-end Indespension trailers without the financial commitment of purchasing one, with one distinct advantage over van hire because you don’t have the burden of driving an unfamiliar vehicle. With trailer hire, you can tow your belongings safely and securely with a vehicle you’re comfortable driving.

Phone 0115 9200099 for more details on hire.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Drive top quality quads & utility vehicles

  • Polaris Manufacture a fanastic Range of Quads and Utility Vehicles Ranging from the Kids Quads from 50cc to 90cc sports Quads, then you go to the adult Range with sports and Utility Quads Ranging from 200cc to 850cc, which includes a Range of Fully Road Legal Quads. The full range covers just about everything that anyone could want in this type of vehicle - Farmers, Estates, Shoots, Normal Road Use, Sports Quads For fun or even Racing.
  • Kubota utility vehicles have been designed to ensure they can tackle the toughest demands. The Kubota range of rugged off road utility vehicles go where other UTV’s simply can’t. Rugged and verstile these UTV's really are all-terrain.
  • Cub Cadet Machinery is Manufactured by MTD. The Cub Cadet Range is there Top Range of Garden Tractors and Utility Vehicle.

The Polaris Ranger 400 Utility Vehicle.

The midsize 2013 RANGER® 400 is priced thousands less than full-size models yet has many of the same features. It’s easy to maneuver, park and store inside barns and sheds. It’s an incredible midsize value and worthy of the title Hardest Working. Smoothest Riding.
•High-Output 29 HP engine to tow 1,250 lbs.
•Best-in-class ergonomics for outstanding comfort.
•Rear dump box has a 500 lb. capacity.

The Kubota RTV900 is Utilising the same technology as Kubota's world renowned tractors,the rugged,versatile RTV900MW all terrain utility vehicle delivers outstanding performance for an exceptional drive,whether work or pleasure. Built to endure years of grueling punishment,the RTV900 features an advanced suspension system and offers ample ground clearance for a safe,comfortable ride over any terrain. There are 4 different variants, and a range of accessories available, there's a model to perfectly suit your needs.


Cub Cadet UTV 4x4 Diesel Utility Vehicle

The Cub Cadet Utility Vehicles (UTV's) offer the following advantages: Firstly they have a Yanmar 21hp diesel engine for long life and economy.The independent suspension gives a smoother ride and better traction. The 4 wheel drive can be switched between 2 and 4, on the move, and the Automatic CVT Transmission ensures that there are no gears to worry about. The Cub Cadet UTV is fully road legal and can be taxed as a standard car, or registered for agricultural use as standard, and they come equipped with a fully approved ROPS roll bar.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Transport livestock safely in Hudson Trailers

When it comes to transporting livestock at markets and across farms, the trailer needs to be secure, safe and reliable. This is the very principle of Hudson livestock trailers. Providing ample space inside and at a reasonable price. Here are our top picks of livestock trailers that we sell:

Hudson LLT07584 Pig & Sheep Trailer Without Sheep Deck

The Hudson LLT07584 Pig & Sheep Trailer is a 8'x4' unbraked single axle trailer with the wheels on the outside making the loading deck lower for easier loading.The Gross vehicle weight of this trailer is 750 Kg with a carrying capacity of 410 Kg.
Our Price: £1,812.00 (Including VAT)

Hudson Livestock ( De-Mountable Trailer ) DM35126

The Hudson DM35126 Livestock De-Mountable Trailer is a braked 12' x 6' twin axle trailer with wheels under the body and a G.V.W. of 3500Kgs.This trailer is ECWVTA Type Approved.
RRP: £5,196.00 Our Price: £4,468.56 (Including VAT)

Hudson LT27105 Livestock ( Wheels Outside ) Trailer

Features include:
Seven leaf spring suspension, Fully welded aluminium floor (preventing seepage of effluent), Single lever quick release ramp, Bushed spring hangers, Slam shut cattle gates, Anti-kicking device, Security lock on hitch.
RRP: £4,260.00 Our Price: £3,663.60 (Including VAT)

Friday, 5 September 2014

Save time, sweat and hassle with these three products!

Fact #1: The use of a splitter is safer and easier than a traditional axe!
Fact #2: A log splitter is 400% faster than attempting to cut a log by hand.

Here at World of Mowers we are all about making life that little bit easier for you. Here are a selection of time-saving products that we recommend.

Save the sweating and battling with an axe, get yourself a log splitter!

Lawnflite Log Splitter

Lawnflite Log Splitter 5 Ton 1500 Watt LS1500E

Was Price: £239.00
Our Price: £203.15 
(Save 15%)
Including VAT

Lawnflite 5 Ton 1500 Watt Log splitter LS1500E. This Lawnflite LS 1500E Log Splitter is an ideal log splitter for the homeowner wishing to split their own firewood. It has a 5 ton splitting force and the ability to split logs up to 20.5"/52cm in length and 25cm(10") in Diameter. This unit is equipped with wheels to ensure ease of transportation around the garden and it has 'two-handed' operating systems to ensure operator safety.

Stop sweeping away those leaves, vacuum them up in half the time!

Cub Cadet Chipper/Vac CSV060

Was Price: £649.00
Our Price: £599.00

Including VAT

The Cub Cadet Leaf Vacuum/Shredder model CSV 060 turns aking manual autumn leaf collection into fun. Your garden will be clean in next to no time. Driven by a powerful Cub Cadet 4-cycle engine, the CSV 060 is vacuuming leafs and grass clippings with ease.

Stick it in the trailer! Space saving and hassle free.

Indespension Box Van Trailer TAV 1

Was Price: £2034.00
Our Price: £1830.60 
(Save 10%)
Including VAT

The Indespension Box Van Trailer TAV 1, utilising light weight materials and constructed with modern adhesive technology, the TAV 1 is an unbraked 6' x 4' x 4' (LxWxH) single axle box van trailer. Features include: 'SuperRide' unbraked suspension, Pressed steel sides for durability, longevity, strength & security, All steel work galvanised or plated, Galvanised steel mudguards and Straight drawbar construction.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Give that bush a cut!

Hedge trimming is an art. Although it seems like a straightforward task, hedge trimming can have disastrous effects if carried out by an unskilled handler. The temptation is to keep on trimming when really it’s about crafting the shape of the hedge to produce a highly aesthetic end result.

We always achieve to desired effect and will work with you to produce the result you want from your hedge.

A neat and tidy hedge is a joy to see, but it does need work to achieve that smart finish. You can of course do the job by hand, but a powered hedge trimmer will almost certainly save you time and energy. Choosing the right hedge trimmer is an important decision; the right machine will pay long-term dividends, no matter the size or scale of your task.



Monday, 30 June 2014

Lawnflite Parts and MTD spares

Over the past few months we have been focusing on updating your lawn mower to a newer model and while there are a great range of models available, it might be more straightforward to simply replace a part on your old mower.

World of mowers have a database of thousands of lawn mower spares with detailed diagrams, so you can replace the broken part of your lawn mower without needing to purchase a whole new lawn mower. Simply click on our spares page, locate the brand of your mower and then the type of machine, then the model and you will see the range of spare parts on offer. If you know what you are looking for you can search by part number or by serial number.

We have a particularly large array of lawnflite spares and mtd parts. After you have located the spares there if the product is available to buy online you can add the part to basket and proceed to checkout.

 If you can’t find what you are looking for you can contact staff at world of mowers that will be more than willing to assist, either by phone 01159 200099 or email info@worldofmowers.ltd.uk